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In the last 10 years I have personally coached hundreds of clients. With all that experience I have personally designed 13 different workout programs to make sure you will achieve your personal fitness goal and have long lasting success without any yoyo effects!


In fitness 70% of your success is achieved in the kitchen. It is vital to get your calorie management and macro nutrients on point. In order to make nutrition easier than ever my app creates a 100% individualised meal plan to meet your personal requirements and goals. All it takes are three simple steps.

1. Set your personal info and fitness goals

Personalise your meal plan by filling out your biometrics, your activity level at work, your fitness goal and your food preferences in the free body analysis. With this info my app will later set your calculate your personal nutrition requirements and set your macro profile.

2. Plan your workouts & generate your meal plan

Since the nutrition and your workouts always need to be in sync in the App your will be able to choose your workout days. This way the nutrition will be adjusted accordingly and you will receive your very own brand new meal plan every week.

3. Fine-tune & enjoy your meal plan

Of course I wanted to make sure that you will always have great meals that suit your taste. Therefore I have included 6 alternatives for each meal you can choose from. With over 600 recipes you will never have a boring meal again. Of course, you will also have your personal shopping list to make grocery shopping easier than ever!

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Only with a strong mindset you will be able to achieve and maintain your dream body. I my App I am revealing my motivation secrets, know-how and several every-day situation hacks to navigate you through all necessary steps of building your dream body.


Free Body Analysis & Register

Personalise your plan by providing your biometrics, your fitness goals and food preferences. Check your results and register for Kaz Vibes Pro.


Select one of my 13 Workout Programs

Download the app, log in and select one of the many workout programs. You can add or remove workouts flexibly in your program and of course do as many of them as you like.


Fine-tune your meal plan & Shop your groceries

Create your meal plan, use the alternative recipe function to adjust the meals to your taste and use the grocery list to buy exactly what you need.


Check out my Master Classes

Watch the master classes I have personally created to learn everything about nutrition, workouts and a mindset for long-term success.


Workout, Cook & Grow

If you do the workouts and stick to your nutrition I will guarantee your success! Also keep at it. Once you have done it for a while it will become a habit you will never want to miss again.

Individualize & Register

Personalize your plan with your biometrics, your goal and food preferences. Check your results and register for the Kaz Vibes App.

Select your workout plan

Download the app, log in and select workout plan which suits you and your goal best. You can add or remove workouts flexibly in your plan.

Fine-tune your meal plan & Shop your groceries

Generate your meal plan, fine-tune the plan by selecting alternative meals and shop your groceries using the shopping list.

Check out the master classes

Watch the video master classes by Kaz and learn everything important about nutrition, workout and the right mindset for a long-term success.

Workout, Cook & Grow

Follow the plan, do the workouts and stick to your recipes. The plan will become a habit same as your incredible progress and your dream body!

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I will be your personal fitness coach right in the palm of your hand!

My name is Kaz and I have been an athlete most of my life. I started playing basketball when I was 10. As a player for the dutch national team I played in many national and international tournaments and competitions and ended up winning the world champion ship with my team. I started working out at age of 16 to support my basketball career and eventually fell in love with fitness. This is why I decided to become a licensed fitness and nutrition coach!

In 2014 I won the Muscle Mania Europe Competition and started working as a fitness model. As a professional coach I have worked with hundreds of clients and know exactly what you need to reach your personal fitness goal and most importantly maintain it! With Kaz Vibes Pro you will have all my knowledge and support right in the palm of your hand.

workout + nutrition + MINDSET
  • Over 90 exercises built into more than 30 workouts and 13 progressive workout programs!
  • Workout programs for beginners and experienced athletes, for ambitious goals & busy time schedules!
  • Reach your goal! Burn fat, gain muscle mass, build strength, peak performance, improve stamina!
  • Your 100% individual meal plan meeting your personal macro and micro nutrients! No more calorie counting!
  • Over 600 delicious & diverse recipes prepared in under 25 minutes!
  • Diet preferences like vegetarian, vegan, etc. available!
  • Each meal comes with 6 alternative recipes plus a restaurant guideline to substitute the meal
  • You personal grocery shopping list to make grocery shopping easier than ever!
  • Learn everything about fitness, nutrition and mindset through more than 15 video master classes and articles!
  • All workouts, nutrition & your mindset will all be perfectly aligned for you to maintain long-term success!

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